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What it's like to be a Podcaster & Content Creator ft. Case Kenny

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Racquel and Natasha are both from a music background who decided to go into podcasting, so it’s super exciting to have the chance to interview someone with the same background. Today, we welcome Case Kenny!

Case Kenny has a podcast called, “New Mindset, Who Dis”. Case speaks on things that aren't "typical" for men. He talks about mindsets, relationships, self-improvement, and so much more. He's become successful in a field that is usually dominated by women, which in our opinion, is pretty incredible!

If you're anything like us, classic meditation doesn’t really work. We'll sit down to meditate and the next thing we know, we're playing with something we found on the floor. We get distracted by all the things! Case is the same way too, so he created dance music-guided meditations. He was able to mesh together his two loves, mindfulness and music! It's something new, and different, but it's so much fun!

We also talked with Case about his podcasting journey! Case was pretty lucky, he got 56,000 downloads in his first month. Although, his biggest piece of advice is to be consistent! He puts out two episodes per week, and he's done this for almost three years. He's never missed a day. That consistency has helped him get to where he is now! He also says to make sure it's something that you truly love!

A big takeaway for him is that there is no right way to do things! He spent years where he would find a job that would help him pay the bills while doing creative stuff on the side. He credits those jobs though, he learned so many skills through those jobs, and would not be where he is if it weren't for them. Another huge tip from Case is to not compare your success to someone else's success. You might break out in year one, but it also might not happen until year five. No one's success is the same. Keep going at your own pace, do what you love, and you can get there!

We also talked all things social media, his famous Instagram coffee cups (@case.kenny), music, and more, so go watch the episode!

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