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We Need To Talk...

It’s 2021, why don’t we have better equality for EVERYONE?! Every gender, every race, every human being!

That's a whole other blog post, but for today, we wanted to take a second and talk about the inequalities that women are STILL facing! (PS: We are in no way saying that these things aren't happening to other people, we're just focusing on females for right now.

A few weeks ago, we were SO excited to release an episode with a special guest, but we were asked not to. Since she has a social media following, some of the things she said (they weren’t bad at all) could potentially ruin the reputation of a high-profile man. Women are being censored and opportunities are being taken away from them, just so the man can be protected.

When a woman becomes powerful within a company, the first thing people say is, “she slept to the top”. Why can’t people think, “Wow! She worked so hard to reach that position!" Just because a woman knows how to do her makeup, and wears cute outfits, doesn't mean that she isn't working hard. It doesn't mean that she isn't smart. The problem is, when women are manipulated and actually speak up, others don't believe them. They'll just assume she wanted it, she was dressing provocatively, etc. NO ONE DESERVES THAT. If a woman stands up for herself, she's 'emotional'. If she doesn't stand up for herself, she's a pushover. If a woman has multiple relationships (like Taylor Swift), she is known as someone that sleeps around, but if it's a man, they're praised. There's no middle ground for us.

(Hi, Intern here! I have a little story that just happened and highlights some of these issues). As a 25-year-old female head coach, I’m not taken as seriously as a male would. The players aren't the problem, it's the parents. Some parents second guess every decision I make and don’t respect me. Some parents have assumed that I don’t know what I’m doing. Just because I’m young, and become I’m a female coaching teenage boys, does not make me any less of a coach. The way I was talked to, would have never happened to a male. I was never asked to explain, I was never even given the chance to talk. I walked over to check on a player and I was yelled at.

It is just unbelievable that women in power aren’t respected. Women are second-guessed, yelled at, abused, and pushed to their breaking point. Women are simply seen as "less".

Why is this still a thing?! We have come a very long way, but we still aren't where we should/could be when it comes to equality for women. Who do we need to talk to? Who do we need as a spokesperson? How can we make this better? Let's keep this conversation going. Let's keep talking and let's keep fighting for more change!

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