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When Gen Z Canceled Millennials

This is College presents the Millennial Girls Podcast sponsored by Dezo!

Millennials, we need to talk... In case you are unaware, Gen Z is saying side parts are lame and so are skinny jeans, but can't we just meet in the middle and all get along?

Can’t Gen Z just appreciate us a little bit? After all, this was our fashion when we were younger! Also, you don't need to call us old, we ALREADY feel old!

Skinny jeans are out, and baggy pants are back in. We think that there's a time for the use of skinny jeans and shouldn't be gone altogether (not complaining about getting rid of jeggings though). As hosts, we can't use baggy pants. The tv adds a few pounds, and if we wear something baggy, we're going to look even bigger! We need form-fitting clothing for our job!

Apparently, we aren't doing our makeup right either. We use too much highlight and concealer... We're torn on the use of highlighter, but we don't agree with the concealer debate. Gen Z doesn't need concealer yet, they don’t have under-eye bags! We do, and you better believe we're going to conceal them the best we can!

No matter where you stand on the Gen Z vs Millennial debate, let’s not forget that everyone has a different body type. These trends may not work for everyone. Not only that, with the pandemic, a person may not be able to afford a brand new wardrobe! So let's not judge people for not following the trends! Everyone is beautiful, no matter what they wear! Now let's talk emojis... How can people send emails or text messages without emotion, doesn't it make you nervous?! We need to use emojis, we have anxiety!! I wonder what happened to us that made us this way? If we don't use punctuation or emojis, we feel like the other person will think we're mad at them, or vice versa. It feels like when someone messages you back, "K.", you just know that they're mad.

Although, we cannot get behind getting rid of using the laughing emoji. According to Gen-Z, we have to begin using the skull emoji. One means, "I'm laughing" while the other means, "I'm dead", is there not a difference?! We see a difference! Send us a tweet and let us know what you think!

Make sure to watch this week’s episode to also hear a therapy update and our weird dreams!

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