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Trying To Make It To The Top As A Female in the EDM World FT. DJ Romi Lux

This episode is sponsored by the delicious spiked superfruit water, Dezo.

Being a female in a male-dominated world is SO hard! For today's episode, we talked with DJ Romi Lux about what she has dealt with as a female DJ!

Quite a few men only see women as “meat”. We’re seen as sexual objects. If we ignore the advances of men, we never know which way it could go. The man could either be fine and let it go, or the man could set out to destroy that woman’s reputation and career. It can be so hard for women to say no because they're scared of what could happen. THANKFULLY, it hasn’t happened to either of us, but some of our friends have told us stories…

When it comes to dealing with being the only woman in a room full of men, Romi gave us a few tips.

  • If you want to be respected, have confidence.

  • Believe in yourself. Don’t let a man not seeing your worth tear you down. You know that you can handle whatever the job is.

  • Stay true to yourself. Never change who you are for anyone, especially not a man.

Overall, it is SO much harder for us to prove ourselves. We all need to keep on moving forward! These men will underestimate us, and they won’t think we’re good enough, so let’s prove them wrong!

We also wanted to make sure to remind you to always trust your gut. You’re having that feeling in your gut for a reason, so don’t ignore it.

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