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There's Snow Place Like Home

How is it December already? Did this year fly by or is that just us?! Either way, December means Christmas or Hanukkah! One of the best things about Christmas time is that we are able to spend time with our families.

There are a lot of Christmas traditions out there:

Wearing matching pajamas

Decorating the Christmas tree

Making Christmas cookies

Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters

Christmas movie nights

Building gingerbread houses

We wanted to tell you about our traditions too! Natasha and Lupita celebrate Christmas, while Racquel and Alexa celebrate Hannukkah! (Lupita and Alexa are our two interns!)

Natasha: We would always cook and eat dinner on Christmas Eve. My family would open gifts around the Christmas tree. The youngest grandkid would have to read the gift tags and pass them around. Santa would come on Christmas day.

Raquel: My favorite was lighting the Menorah every night for all 8 nights. My grandparents would come over and we would have fun with them. On the last night, we would open the biggest presents and have fun playing with our dreidels!

Lupita: When I was younger, we would always go to Christmas Eve mass, then head over to someone's house (usually my grandparent's) for dinner. Then, on Christmas, we would go over again and have the leftovers. We would have lots and lots of tamales!

Alexa: Even though Hanukkah lasts 8 nights, our holiday tradition every year is for my family to all get together one night, have dinner, sometimes a latke making competition or dessert making competition, and do presents together.

What are some of your Christmas/Hannukkah traditions? Send us a tweet!

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