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The Final Episode...

Today’s episode is sponsored by Dezo, delicious spiked superfruit water.

We have some shocking news for all of you... This is the end...

...of Season 1! (Ha, did we scare you?! Sorry not sorry!)

After a year and a half of consistent weekly episodes, 65 episodes to be exact (and that doesn't include our minisodes), we have decided to do seasons moving forward.

We do EVERYTHING by ourselves, and you know what, it's a lot of work for two people! Life has gotten kind of crazy, and we feel like we haven't been able to put out the best content that we possibly can. We want to take this time to get ready to bring you the best episodes that we can possibly give you! We want to fulfill our expectations, and also all of yours!

We are SO excited for Millennial Girls to get a "facelift". Look forward to more funny and entertaining content to come! Stay tuned... and as we say here... Peace, Love, and Unicorns! We love you <3

You can listen to the full episode on all your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeart Radio App. Head on over to our Pinterest account too!

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