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Thanksgiving Recipes!

Thanksgiving is on Thursday and the best thing about Thanksgiving is definitely the FOOD!

Since a lot of us don't get to celebrate with our family, we thought maybe some of you will try your hand at cooking. Instead of having to go all over the internet to search for all these different recipes, we did that for you!

With our very own cooking expert, Natasha, we put together a list of recipes and some tips for you:

For stuffing, Pepperidge Farms is the favorite. Follow the recipe and add in apples, craisins, a nut of choice, and chopped giblets too. There's always the option to do sausage stuffing too!

For gravy, Use a baster to pull any turkey or meat juices and set aside.

Make a rue: butter, flour, and whisk until combined.

Slowly add in your turkey/beef juices or beef/chicken/turkey broth and there’s your gravy

(Mushrooms optional. Saute them first in flour, butter, thyme then add in your juices/broth)

For the turkey, I rub unsalted butter, salt, sage, rosemary, thyme all over the turkey. Then I baste the turkey every 30 minutes in butter and its own juices that release until it’s ready. Click here for the guide Natasha uses.

Two of Natasha's go-to recipes are:

Prime rib

Pecan snowballs (Mexican wedding cookies)

If you'd like to stay more on the traditional side:

Honey-Glazed Ham

Mashed Potatoes

Green Bean casserole

Baked mac and cheese

Bread rolls

These are some new variations of desserts to try:

Sweet potato bites

Four flavor sheet pie

Pumpkin pie dip

A great place to check out more recipes is Laura Vitale's Youtube channel.

Pro Home Cooks also has a great video for ideas on what to do with leftovers!

If you tried any of these recipes, or have any recipes we should try, send them to us on Twitter! You can also check out our Pinterest for more!

We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Remember to wear stretchy pants so you can eat all the food! Honestly, with how 2020 has been, no one would judge you for wearing pajamas! Stay safe, wash your hands, and enjoy the holiday!

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