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Thanksgiving DISASTERS in the Kitchen

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, we thought we'd share some of our disaster stories with you!

Racquel tells us about her 2019 Thanksgiving fiasco. Guess what happened as the turkey was in the middle of baking? Her house lost power for no reason! They decided to start their generator, and it broke! As her family was all loaded up to head to her grandparents', the power came back on. Was this an omen for 2020?!

Have you ever tried to fry a turkey? It sounds dangerous! Racquel isn't allowed to even try it, but Natasha has and tells us about how it went wrong. The turkey ended up charred on the outside, which can be normal, but when they tried to peel back the skin to see the inside, it was as hard as a rock! It was definitely a turkey fail, but thankfully it was a backup!

Natasha also tells us about her kitchen disaster! She had just moved into a new house with her family when she was left home alone. She woke up with a swollen cheek and wanted to heat a snack, it did not end well. The story is wild from start to finish, so you have to listen to Natasha tell the story herself!

The kitchen is a fun, yet dangerous place. Things can always go wrong, whether you burn yourself, cut yourself, or drop the food. Tweet us your kitchen disasters! We'd like to (possibly) share your stories on another episode!

Stay safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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