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Thank Yew... Next Ft Viral TikToker Josh Zilberberg

This episode is sponsored by Dezo, delicious spiked superfruit water.

Today, we say THANK YEWWW to our guest, Josh Zilberberg! If you're on TikTok, you've definitely had Josh on your FYP!

We talked all things TikTok, being a content creator, social media, confidence, and so much more. So go listen to the episode to hear about all of it! But for now, let's focus on the toxicity of social media.

Doesn't it ever just bother you that everything on social media seems to be to the extreme? Everything is either overly positive or overly negative/angry. There's no middle ground. These extremes make it hard to relate.

We see all these influencers, celebrities, and public figures posting all of these amazing things, whether it's partying, going on vacations, or hanging out with their friends, it can seem like they're living the perfect life. In reality, they're probably struggling too. As Josh says, not all of what is portrayed on social media is true, we're all human!

These people don't show their negative side, but in reality, they're struggling like the rest of us. Life isn't perfect for them just because they're in the spotlight.

The way Josh Zilberberg creates his videos has helped find a middle ground within social media. He talks about the negatives and the struggles but he does it in a way that isn't overwhelming. He's relatable, and he shows us that just because he's getting all these views, doesn't mean he's not human with feelings.

Next time you're scrolling through social media and becoming upset, or jealous, we want you to remember that a person's social media does NOT portray their entire life. They're choosing to show one side of their life, not all of it. We don't know what their life is truly like! This is also a great thing to do before you decide to go off in someone's comment section, remind yourself that these are people too!

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