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Stress, Inflammation, and Journey to Holistic Medicine ft. Poosh Author Neeyaz Zolfaghari

This is College presents the Millennial Girls Podcast sponsored by Dezo!

In honor of female history month, we will be having some badass women on our show! Our guest on this episode is Poosh author Neeyaz Zolfaghari of Unspoken Nutrition.

Today, Neeyaz tells us about her autoimmune disease and her journey in finding holistic medicine. Racquel and Natasha opened up about their health battles too. (Natasha even told us a horror story about having a medical procedure done)

Everything affects our bodies. Obviously, our food intake plays a huge role, but also anything that comes in contact with our skin. Skin acts like a huge sponge and absorbs whatever is touched. So we need to pay attention to what water we use to shower, or to brush our teeth, our detergent, soap, and cleaning supplies. Having quality sleep and reducing stress levels also have an impact.

When it comes to stress, identify it. Once you've identified the stress, you can use whatever form of stress-relief you may need. Maybe it's going on a walk, doing yoga, or even screaming into a pillow. For some people, it can be incredibly important to find the root of the problem. For Neeyaz, all the different treatments weren't entirely effective until she found out why these issues were acting up. You could ask yourself, is it anxiety? Why am I having anxiety? Is there specific food I'm eating that leads to these symptoms?

If you know something isn't right within your body, Neeyaz recommends going to see a physician that is actually going to listen to your concerns. This could take a while because some doctors aren't as open about helping and running "unnecessary" tests. One huge example of this is the discrimination overweight people go through when visiting a doctor. Doctors will say that you need to lose weight first, and then if nothing changes, they can run tests. Some will even make you feel crazy and say it's just in your head. If your physician is telling you this, it can be easy to start believing it. Keep advocating for yourself. While you're searching for your doctor, take a look at how you're taking care of yourself.

It is easier to take it all one step at a time. You could start by making small swaps in your life. Instead of drinking alcohol or grabbing a coke, you could switch to sparkling water or Kombucha. Instead of cooking with canola oil, you could switch to avocado oil. These small changes will begin adding up and it'll help to make incorporating other changes in your life easier.

Dental health is also super important. You could invest in a tongue scraper. You can switch from plastic floss to silk or bamboo floss. Lastly, investing in toothpaste that is clean like Revitin, Redmond, or Hello. For Neeyaz, changing her dental care routine helped her eliminate her frequent cavities!

Always remember to listen to your body and keep fighting for what you know is right! No one knows your body better than you!

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