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Spending Is OK! Ft. Migdalia CEO of The Money Root

Today’s episode is sponsored by Dezo and Happy Box!

We've been through quarantine, mental breakdowns, and breakups, but now we're talking money.

We always want to seem like having money can solve our problems. But, could money really be the root of our happiness?

We got to chat with the CEO and Founder of The Money Root, Migdalia Rodriguez. She gives us some insight on how to better budget ourselves and build our relationship with money into a healthy one.

Her advice depends on each person, but she does have a bit of advice for those in debt, and those who want to save. Here are some crucial questions to ask yourselves.

For those in debt, are you spending intentionally? Or are you spending to hide/cover some sort of deeper issue? For this, she recommends partnering up with a coach so that they can help dig deeper and find the root of the problem. It is so hard to do this by yourself, so seek support!

For those trying to save, do you have a goal that you're saving for? Or are you scared of spending money?

In our society, there is so much stigma surrounding money. Women are taught to deal with less, and not ask for more. We are also told what is an acceptable thing to spend money on, and what isn't. You know what? STOP FEELING GUILTY ABOUT WHAT YOU LIKE. If you want to buy new clothes, if that makes you happy, then add that to your budget. It is completely up to you on what you want to spend your money on!

Listen to this episode to hear more about money, being reassured about spending, and budgeting tips!

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