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Plastic Surgery & Celebs Contributing to Body Dysmorphia

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

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Today, let’s talk about bodies and the Kardashian influence!

Loving our bodies is HARD. We see social media posts of people with the "perfect" body and we wish we could have those bodies too.

The Kardashians have MILLIONS of followers. Millions of people are seeing their photos and comparing their bodies to their own. This is where we have a problem. The thing is, the Kardashians have never come out to say that they have had any sort of surgical procedures done, so all these young girls are thinking that these are natural bodies. They see these pictures and think, "how do I get a perfect body like that?" When in reality, they are never going to reach that body on their own.

These women are influential. By not telling the truth, you’re putting out an image that isn’t real and people are going to want this unrealistic image. As Natasha says, it is totally fine to keep your private information, but with such influence, they could at least come out and say they have done things.

Why not be honest? If you had procedures, is it really THAT hard to just own up to? Years ago (around the '80s), people wouldn't come out and say they had a procedure done. It was all kept on the "down-low", but in recent years, it hasn't been so secretive anymore. People will recommend their doctor, the procedure, etc.

We're all for, if you don’t like it, fix it, but don’t lie about it. There is no issue with getting procedures, we’re not judging that, but if you’re in the public eye, you are playing a role in millions of people’s lives.

We need accountability. It’s almost toxic to not share what is actually being done. It’s creating more insecurities. There are so many mental health issues that are coming from this.

But hey, you know what... YOU ARE PERFECT. Your body is perfect because it’s yours. If you don’t like it, make a change, but don’t hate yourself because of your physical appearance

Ps: we talk about medical procedures in this episode. All we say is from our research and experience, we are NOT experts. So please consult a doctor for more information.

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