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PARTY FAVOR Talks Mental Health, Social Media Altering Our Perception of Reality, and Haters

Natasha and Racquel, of Millennial Girls Podcast, spoke with DJ/Producer PARTY FAVOR, about how Perception is Everything; especially on Social Media. You may recognize Dylan, aka PARTY FAVOR, as 1/2 of Sidepiece (his project with Nitti Gritti) on their collab with Diplo "On My Mind". Dylan not only released his New EP FRESH LAUNDRY along with a feature on the MADDEN 2021 soundtrack ft. JAHMED, but he also got deep about his journey to finding himself again in the last year and a half.

When asking Dylan whether he makes music for the love of it or to "please the fans" this is what he shared:

"When I first started, I was making [music] for me... I was so in love with dance music... As shows started becoming more plentiful, and I had more success... I started gravitating towards what I thought people wanted to hear. I was starting to lose my voice as a musician and artist. It's only been until this past year... where I started finding that love again for making music for myself. I think it comes across more in my music. I'm more proud and happy of my music than I have been in a long time." -Party Favor

When also discussing perception vs reality on social media, Dylan said, "Everyone online is looking like they never could, and it's causing mental health problems. It's causing women to have eating disorders, and men too. It's causing mental breakdowns and all these problems, and it's terrible." We agreed that the expectations on social media are so high, that we all strive for perfection; therefore we all start to look alike and we fall victim to losing our true selves.

Social media proves difficult to be authentic, when annoyingly enough, the obvious is that a sexy picture showing cleavage gets tons of likes, yet you have to try/work harder to get the same validation if you're not acting as a femme fatale. "What would you like to see women post online instead?" we asked, and Dylan responded content showing women who know who they are, know their values, and beliefs.

Along with the popularity that comes in the entertainment industry, influencers (or people with large followings) are being shamed for not using their platform to talk about subjects that aren't necessarily positive or "according to brand". Dylan does believe we have a responsibility to speak up in our own way, but that the response does not necessarily have to be public online.

Some final words of wisdom:

"People that are haters are the loudest, but are the least amount of people." -Party Favor

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