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Millennial Anxiety ft. Millennial Tiktoker @JustMe.Rod

This is College presents the Millennial Girls Podcast sponsored by Dezo!

We are SO excited for today's guest! You've most likely seen him on your FYP on TikTok! He makes funny, relatable content for millennials, @justme.rod!

When @justme.rod started his TikTok, he thought that he was the only one battling millennial anxieties, but it turns out that A LOT of people can relate! One of Rod's favorite things to do is unlock hidden memories!

Rod talks to us about the days where he was bullied, and what it was like to receive a message from one of his former bullies. What would you do if your former bully reached out to you so many years later? Would you answer?

We also talked about the different ways that Rod copes with anxiety: nostalgic food, and music! Nothing can lift your mood more than listening to a song, or artist, that you used to listen to when you were younger. It almost takes you back to those simpler times and you forget about everything else that is happening in life.

Do you listen to some throwbacks when you have a bad day? What songs are your favorites? What else do you do? Let us know by sending us a DM on Instagram!

New episodes of the Millennial Girls Podcast drop every Wednesday at 10 AM EST. You can listen to the full episode on all your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeart Radio App. You can also watch this episode on YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell!

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