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Meet You At The Crossroad

We’ve had so many listeners write in and ask about advice for this upcoming college year/the current transition phase they are in. Let’s be honest, most of us are currently at a weird crossroad or in a transition phase including Natasha and I. Natasha was moving in the middle of this episode being filmed and we both lost our jobs due to COVID-19.

The unknown is definitely scary but we felt it was right to unpack how we got to the point we are at now. We also got to chat with the incredibly talented singer/songwriter Sophia Messa. Sophia tells us how pure luck and not having a "Plan B" led to her record deal. Her newest single "Ice Cream & Cigarettes" is out now.

New episodes of the Millennial Girls Podcast drop every Wednesday at 10 am. You can listen to the full episode on all your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart Radio App. You can also Watch This Episode on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and ring the bell! Peace, Love and Unicorns Natasha and Racquel

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