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Is Monogamy Outdated?

This episode is sponsored by the delicious spiked superfruit water, Dezo. We are also so excited to announce that Happy Box has become a sponsor too!

After being quarantined for God knows how long, seeing Netflix series like Sex Life (Episode 3 19:50 you're welcome) really get you hot! However, just because we've all been cooped up for so long with the access of the world at our disposal via dating apps, does that mean we're destined to no longer desire monogamy?

In today's episode, Natasha gets vulnerable with us about her recent breakup and also how taboo the topic of sex is as a whole. Everyone has needs ya'll! We also talk about the double standard between men and women. Men can have multiple partners, they can have casual relationships, etc... but when women do this type of thing, it's frowned upon.

So we're curious, are people still set on monogamy, or are people becoming more open to polygamy? Let us know your thoughts!

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