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Is He Attractive Or Is He Just...

This episode is sponsored by Dezo and Happy Box!

Is he hot or is he just...*insert whatever word you would like here*?

Inspired by the K-Drama Nevertheless, we try and figure out why we turn those walking red flags GREEN. We can't ignore those red flags!! You may think, "I'll give him the benefit of the doubt" but just don't do it!

Is it because he's tall, charming, wearing a snapback, or all the above? We should be loving the nice guy our parents want us to end up with but we completely disregard that! Why is it that when a man like potato boy (listen to the episode to hear who he is) treats us well, we find that boring? If he does all the right things, we shouldn't be getting bored! WHY ARE WE LIKE THIS?

Remember this:

Nothing means shit until the actions match the words!

Ps: Listen to this episode if you want to hear about Natasha and her Shawn Mendes encounter!

Pss: Make sure to listen to the very end of the episode to hear the promo code for Happy Box!

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