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Meet Our Interns

We got interns! We are so excited to have added to our team, and we wanted you all to get to know them a little bit too! Make sure to listen to our minisode to learn a little more about them.

First, we have Janie Ziegler! Janie is 22 and from Florida. She just graduated from Florida State with a degree in Information, Communication, and Technology.

Next, we have Lupita Serrano! Lupita is 25 and from Illinois. She is currently working on a Master's Degree.

Lastly, we have Alexa Luongo! Alexa is 21 and from Florida. She is a senior at the University Of Central Florida studying Entertainment Management.

To get to know them, we decided to ask some questions.

What is your role at Millennial Girls?

Janie- Networking queen

Lupita- Blogger

Alexa- Pinterest & Tik Tok

What did you want to learn from being a Millennial Girl?

Janie- Podcasts are more prevalent than ever right now and I’m so interested in learning more about how they work and I thought it would be a fun way to get experience!

Lupita- I’ve just always been interested in learning the “behind the scenes” so I would like to see just a little bit of everything.

Alexa- As an entertainment major I thought this podcast would be a fun experience, while being able to learn and grow from. I don’t know much about working with podcasts so learning more about the creation and execution.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Janie- I want to work in music, as of right now, I want to work at a record label and work my way up.

Lupita- Honestly, I have no idea. I've had a plan for years and that didn't work out, so now I'm not sure.

Alexa- I want to work in the entertainment industry, either with music or TV. I'm thinking either PR or management.

What is the one skincare product you could not live without?

Janie- Face cleanser/loofah

Lupita- Any type of cleanser

Alexa- Any face mask

What is the first thing you’re excited to do when the pandemic is over?

Janie- Go to a concert

Lupita- Go to a concert

Alexa- Go to a concert or just hang out with friends

What is a stereotype about millennials or Gen-Z that you would like to change?

Janie- People think that we don't know what is going on around, but we do, and we're the next generation to make a change.

Lupita- People think that millennials are lazy and have everything handed to us, so I would want people to see all the hard work we actually put in.

Alexa- People think that we are glued to our phones. This stereotype is a 50/50 kind of thing. While I believe so many of us are tied to our phones, so many of us do live in the moment and experience things for what they are.

What is your go-to feel-good movie?

Janie- Just Go With It, or Blended, Shameless for a TV show.

Lupita- I don’t really watch movies, but I have a tv show. I love Brooklyn-Nine Nine.

Alexa- I also have a tv show, One Tree Hill.

What was your first concert?

Janie- Jimmy Buffett

Lupita- One Direction

Alexa- Fergie

Do you have any pets?

Janie- A one-eyed cat named, Jack

Lupita- Two dogs, Ava and Maui!

Alexa- A dog, Romeo

Favorite color?

Janie- Purple

Lupita- Blue

Alexa- Pink

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know our interns a little better, we sure have!

Go check out our new Pinterest Boards, our Tik Tok account, and listen to our episode with the interns here.

New episodes of the Millennial Girls Podcast drop every Wednesday at 10 am EST. You can listen to the full episodes on all your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeart Radio App. You can also watch episodes on YouTube! Make sure to subscribe and turn our notifications on!

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