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Who Run the World?

As Beyonce's song says, "Who run the world? Girls!"

In honor of the end of Women's History Month, we thought we would highlight the incredible women we have had on the Millennial Girls Podcast! We've had women from all different backgrounds, all different jobs, but one thing is the same: these women are badass (and so are you)!

Serena F*cking Kerrigan:

"If a guy likes you, you will know, and if he doesn't, you'll be confused"

"No one's saying for you not to feel what you're feeling, whether you know it's depression or you're angry, or frustrated, but nothing lasts forever."

Kacia Fitzgerald:

"If you could carry yourself in a way that's more like a 'come with me, let's do this together' type of personality rather than a 'look at me' personality, that's when the confidence is appreciated"

Jasmine Lipska Campbell:

"As long as you follow your intuition, your passions, it may take some time, but it will work out and as long as your mindset is aligned with what you want to create in your outer reality too"

Mashley Comedy:

"I feel like, you know, part of people's unhappiness is not being able to be their full selves, whether it's parents or society telling you who you're supposed to be, how you're supposed to be"

Tammi Pickle:

"If you really want to meet someone, great. If you don't, just enjoy your life and be around people that you love and enjoy being with"

Natasha Marie:

"I kind of help people go through and navigate through the breakup, through the heartache, really get understanding what they want, and then just essentially put them in a really good place, emotionally, mentally, physically, so they actually start attracting the right partner for themselves"

Carly Weinstein:

"I feel like once you're in a really good place with yourself, then that's when you want to look for someone"

Ashley Catalan:

"Skills that are transferrable are: be confident, be curious, be realistic"

Brooke Morrison:

"Shoutout to everybody out there who like you know is I guess open-minded and you know, a little bit more educated to just kind of like look at something and not automatically judge it because it's different"

Chelsea Briggs:

"My advice to people, to girls

that are going through it, it's like I think just knowing that like we're all feeling the same way"

Illa Garcia:

"I don't think enough people talk about it like you don't have to cut it [food] out, you just have to know that maybe you need to pick like a burger, bun, or the fries"

Neeyaz Zolfaghari:

"If you're experiencing symptoms, if you're noticing that something internally just does not feel right, if it does not feel normal to feel however it is that you're feeling, go see a doctor who's going to listen to you"

Jenna Andrews:

"As much as you may not know if something is your path, you discover that something is when things just attract themselves to you"

Brittney Megann:

"This is something that you guys are gonna hear me say a lot, focusing on your mindset and really taking a look at yourself and why you feel certain ways about other women"

Sophia Messa:

"There's always going to be like what if, what if, what if, anything can go wrong, like no matter where you are in life, you don't know what's gonna happen so you have to be passionate"

Natasha Salehi & Racquel Goldy

We also can't forget about our two gorgeous hosts, Natasha and Racquel!

Both of these women are so hardworking, committed, gorgeous, and persevering. If it weren't for them and their friendship, we wouldn't have such a great podcast to listen to!

We have had some of the most talented, beautiful, and inspiring women on our show. They told us about their successes, their struggles, and also gave us a lot of advice. These women are proof that we can do anything!

Women’s History Month may be coming to an end, but our jobs as women will never be! Keep on fighting for what you deserve, learning from our mistakes and triumphs, and loving one another!

Some quotes have been edited for clarity.

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