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How To Stop Being Unemployed ft. Ashley Catalan

I know we look like we have everything figured out, but in reality, we don't. We're both actually unemployed at the moment and actively looking for jobs, so we thought why not have one of the top HR business managers on the show?! We welcome Ashley Catalan!

What does she look for when going through applications? Do cover letters really matter? Do connections on LinkedIn make a difference? Should our LinkedIn look the exact same as our resume? What questions should you ask the interviewer? She gives us the inside scoop on how to get hired!

Some general advice that Ashley gave us:

Keep your resume to two pages, anything longer most likely won't be read.

Be realistic.

Be curious about the company.

Ask what skills they're looking for.

Ask who is going to be successful in that position.


We also talked about the interview process, since everything is over Zoom right now, she gave us some tips:

Make sure you're in a quiet place.

Make sure you have an internet wifi connection.

Make sure your background is professional.

Test your Zoom before the interview.

Seriously, just watch the episode above and hear all her advice! Good luck with your job hunting!

Let us know how successful these tips were for you! Also, send us a tweet and let us know if anything else has worked for you!

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