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Hot Girl Summer- How To Outsmart Your Date ft. Link Lauren

This episode is sponsored by Dezo, delicious spiked superfruit water.

If you can't stop scrolling on TikTok like us then you have probably seen our episode guest Link Lauren on there. Link tells us all about his viral TikTok coming full circle.

This all started with David Portnoy and TikTok! First, Link Lauren made a TikTok about how he didn't understand why SO many girls were obsessed with him, and then David answered! How crazy! Hey David Portnoy, Link Lauren has some suggestions for you, so hit him up!

Link Lauren is the type of person that will straight up tell you the truth. If he smells some BS, he's going to call it out. So this led us to talk about the whole Kardashian fiasco. WHY NOT TELL THE TRUTH?! Let's stop pretending that you got that body through working out. This younger generation is so impressionable.

Link also gave us two huge pieces of advice for dating:

When it comes to dating, be patient! Go easy on whoever you're going out with! We spent the last year stuck in our homes, it's been a while

Get a google voice phone number. This way, some weirdo isn't going to have your number! Link Lauren won't give a guy his actual number until after the first date, if it goes well!

Cheers to hot girl summer! Listen to the full episode to hear all of Link's advice!

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