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Following Your Passion

This episode is sponsored by the delicious spiked superfruit water, Dezo.

Today, we're talking about following and finding your passions!

How do you figure out what your passions are? We feel like this is the question we get most often so we wanted to share what helps us. Think about what you consume in all aspects of your life and why you're consuming it in the first place. There are so many different ways to incorporate your passions into your life you just have to think about what works best for you!

We also want to remind you that it's ok if you are still lost and trying to find your passions while navigating through this global pandemic. Things have just been HARD. Our life changed within 24 hours, our plans were canceled, and our world was shut down, so it's okay!

Have you found your passion in life yet? How did you find it? Let us know!

PS: Make sure to listen to hear about Racquel's LA adventures!

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