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Acupuncture Experience, Sound Healing, Chakra Foods & More

Today we talk a bit about some controversial/taboo topics. We get spiritual and talk about dreams, psychics, deja-vu, sound healing, crystals, and more! Like we said a few weeks ago, keep an open mind!

Do you remember your dreams? Some people don't dream, or just don't remember, while others remember most of what they dream about. Racquel will have feelings of deja-vu, but she doesn't remember dreams.

Crystals have become really popular in the last few months/years. Different crystals help with different things. Racquel has an amethyst, which is "a stone of spiritual protection and purification" ( Some crystals need to be placed under the bed, some need to be charged from the sun, while others need to be charged by the moon.

Have you tried acupuncture? Acupuncture is when they put tiny needles into your skin in strategic areas. These areas are different pressure points that help with pain, anxiety, etc. Both Racquel and Natasha have, and they get real about their experiences. Overall, it has really helped Racquel with medical issues that couldn't be helped with modern medicine!

With acupuncture, there has also been sound healing. Racquel underwent sound therapy to help relax her body when it was too difficult to put the needles in. Sound healing focuses on the different vibrations and frequencies to help the body go into a state of harmony!

Lastly, we talk a bit about food color therapy. Natasha was once told to eat different colored foods for different days of the week. Whenever she eats white-colored foods, like white fish, she always feels a lot better afterward.

We talked a little bit about all different topics, so make sure to listen to our episode to hear more!

Just a reminder: If these types of practices help you, then keep doing them! If you don't believe in it, then don't be judgemental. You can express your disbelief, but don't tear the other person down for their beliefs, and don't try to change their mind either. Let people do what helps them!

What do you believe in, what don't you believe in? We'd love to know! Send us a tweet! If you have any questions about anything we've talked about today, send us a DM and we'll do our best to answer!

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