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When Your Boyfriends of 7 Years Decides to Become a Rabbi

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What would you do if your boyfriend of SEVEN years drops a bomb on you and tells you he wants to be a rabbi?!

We're all for doing what makes you happy... But, this is a HUGE lifestyle change. It was never talked about, it was never a topic that even came up, it came out of nowhere! He basically said, “I want to be a rabbi, I’m going to New York, bye!”

First of all, a rabbi is a teacher, counselor, leader, etc… The rabbi will sometimes need to show compassion and give consolation. The rabbi should have great, positive qualities. Yet, he was completely selfish and didn’t take the time to sit down to have a mature conversation. He couldn’t even respect the person that he’s “loved” for over seven years! Which is a great start to your rabbi lifestyle, dude!

If you’ve gone through a tough breakup, we know it’s going to be HARD. But, take time for yourself. Get to know yourself. Take the time to reflect on the relationship and stop blaming yourself!

So how do you all feel about dating someone is extremely religious about a different religion than your own? Would you try to compromise? Would you convert? Have you gone through this?! LET US KNOW! (DM us!) We‘re curious about how it works!

Ps: mental health matters!

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