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How Competitive Dance has Affected Us as Adults ft. Alex Prushinski

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Today, we’re joined by Alex Prushinski! Alex is not only one of Racquel's best friends, but also grew up competitively dancing and now works for one of the largest dance competition companies in the world.

In this episode, we go through our experiences growing up as competitive dancers, how it has helped us in our adult life, and the differences between mental abuse and constructive criticism.

Dance shaped us into who we are. Dance helped us learn how to present ourselves, being onstage, how to talk with people, and so much more. If it weren’t for dance, we would be completely different people!

Although, our sense of self-worth came from dance, which wasn’t ideal. If we weren’t the center dancer, we would think, “Oh, I’m so bad”, “I’m so fat”, or “I’m not good enough”. Now, as adults, we can see how it wasn’t that big of a deal! Not only that, but sometimes our instructors were just plain mean!

There’s just so much that we talk about in this episode, give it a listen, it’s worth it! These things need to be talked about, especially if you’re in a competitive environment. You are SO much more than your sport, or your weight!

If you're currently a competitive dancer, please watch this episode! We hope that it'll make a difference for you. PS: Remember, how you speak to someone matters. Take time for yourself! It is okay if you need a break! Check-in on not only your friends but yourself!

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