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10 Tips on How to Love Yourself More

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

With all the pressure of being a public figure in the music industry, her journey to loving herself hasn't been easy. Chelsea Briggs, Host and Producer at Billboard and HollywireTV, joined us on Episode 19 of the Millennial Girls Podcast to talk all about self love. Here are our 10 Tips on How to Love Yourself More:

1. Forgive and let go

As a little girl, Chelsea was made fun of for her nose (hear about it here). She held onto those comments into her adulthood and finally realized, the only way to love herself more and accept her nose was by letting go of those comments and forgiving the people who made fun of her.

2. Journal

It helps to WRITE THINGS DOWN. Any thoughts, affirmations, accomplishments, goals, journal them! Even little things like "I ate healthy today" or "I want to work out 5 times this week", once you are able to acknowledge your little wins and cross off daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals, you'll feel better about yourself.

3. Read Self Help Books

You might be rolling your eyes, but Chelsea swears these Self Love Book Recommendations are what helped her along her journey to loving herself.

4. Clear out your "closet"

But on social media. If you find yourself scrolling, comparing yourself, jealous, or insecure while browsing content, STOP YOURSELF and mute or unfollow profiles that make you feel anything BUT inspired, motivated, or happy.

5. Be easy on yourself

Self love is a journey. Even if you work towards progress, it's normal to still have bad days.

6. Be your own best friend

Do you ever find yourself looking in the mirror saying "I'm fat" or "I look ugly today"? You wouldn't tell your best friend that right? Imagine your best friend walked up to you right now and you said "You're fat" "You look ugly today". How mean! Even if there was slight truth to that, you still wouldn't say it that way. You'd be thoughtful and encouraging in a different way. Treat yourself the same way!

7. Be your own hype girl/man

At the end of the day, all you have is yourself. Celebrate the big wins (even the little ones).

8. Be grateful

Quarantine has given us plenty of time to reflect. Be grateful we've been given this time to look within. When you wake up, write down or say at least one thing you are grateful for that day. Whether it be you are grateful for the new job you were offered or you're grateful for the color pink! Either way, you will start your day on a positive note and let go of any negative thoughts.

9. Write down your accomplishments

Sometimes a pen and paper really do the trick. Be proud of yourself! You deserve it! An accomplishment can be as simple as you drinking 8 glasses of water that day or finally launching your company. The little wins count as much as the big wins.

10. Write a letter to your future self

Here is a thought: What if you write a letter to yourself a month from now. Document your current state, tell yourself how awesome you are, and share the goals you want to achieve within a month's time. Once the month goes by, read this letter to check in with yourself and see what you've achieved! Or maybe you'll pick this letter up on a bad day and your words of affirmation from a month ago will cheer you up.

Hope this helped you in some way! Peace, Love, and Unicorns.

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